• Video: DIY or Pro? The Benchmark for Deciding

    One of the questions about using video is when to hire a professional versus doing it yourself. Here is a good benchmark: If you are using the video to make a first impression or to raise money, you need a professional. First impression videos would be web videos, introductory videos, testimonial videos, service or product demos, anything that the general public will see. If you are using video to raise money at a gala or for a capital campaign, you want to use a professional.

    But for videos that are going to your people, i.e. your list, supporters, clients who already know and value you, DIY is OK. This category would be social media videos, email blasts or blog videos; any video that is timely and relevant to your list, such as an opening of a new facility, or 5K race footage.

    I have a great case study that illustrates this concept. The YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago has become a very video-centric organization since the arrival of their CEO, Dorri McWhorter. For their fundraising events “Finding Her Way” and the annual Leader Luncheon, the YWCA hires Lightfellow to create polished, intimate videos to demonstrate the success of their programming and inspire viewers to donate. But for the fun stuff, they DIY it. Here is a video that came in a winter email blast encouraging YWCA supporters to buy holiday gifts from the Y Shop (a curated online and pop-up shop that donates a portion of sales to the Y). The video is called “Dorri’s Favorite Things”, and in it she describes different products for sale in the Y Shop.   It’s cute, timely, and went to the people who already know and love the Y. It was a perfect use of DIY video. Have you used DIY videos, or do you have an example of an organization that does?

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